Product Features





Pure Natural Ingredients

This product is made with pure, natural ingredients. Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Products with this seal contain plant-derived ingredients and/or ingredients that exist in nature.






Committed to a Greener Planet

In an effort to minimize our impact on the environment, product packages with this seal are recyclable and made from recycled materials whenever possible. In the last few years we made changes to our packaging that will save over 150 tons of landfill waste per year and save hundreds of trees annually. This new packaging not only weighs 50% less but is also made with far less waste. We eliminated wasteful manufacturing steps and made sure to partner with suppliers who are as committed to earth friendliness as we are.






Certified Kosher

Products marked with this seal have been made with ingredients in a process deemed proper according to Kashrut Law under the supervision of a Kosher Authority. No animal ingredients are used in Kosher products.






Approved for Diabetics

Diabetics typically suffer from aggravated periodontal problems and issues with tooth sensitivity. Our products are specifically formulated with the needs of Diabetics in mind. Ingredients in Diabetic Approved products have been screened to comply with our strict standards of Diabetic safety and are sweetened with Xylitol, a natural non-sucrose sweetener. Products approved for Diabetic use are also designed to prevent drying of the mouth and to soothe gum irritation.





Made in the USA

We believe in American quality and ingenuity. That’s why we proudly manufacture all of our oral care formulas in the United States. Our California facility employs several hundred people, all of who work hard to make the great TheraBreath products used my millions of Americans each year. All TheraBreath products we sell in Canada, Europe, and Asia are also made in the USA, then exported. All of us are very proud to make the very best oral care formulas and help do our part for the economy.






Vegan Approved

Products marked with this seal are 100% Vegan. They do not contain any animal ingredients of any kind.






Recommended for Sensitive Teeth

Products with this badge contain no detergents, harsh chemicals, or strong flavors that may be too intense for people who experience tooth or whole mouth sensitivity.






Whitens Teeth

Products with this badge help to gently brighten your teeth as you use them. TheraBreath products are powered by Oxygen which naturally eliminates yellowing and discoloration without discomfort. Many of our products also contain Xylitol, clinically proven to whiten teeth while reducing plaque formation and the development of cavities.