Standard Conditions of Contract and Sale


  1. These standard conditions apply to all divisions and sub divisions of TherabreathSA.


  1. It is understood and accepted that TherabreathSA is the appointed official distributors of Dr Katz’s products in South Africa.


  1. Due to the fluctuations of currencies it is acknowledged that prices may change from the quoted prices equal to the currency variance and that TherabreathSA have the right to alter its prices accordingly.


  1. Prices and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Prices do include VAT.


  1. Due to high demands for Therabreath it is accepted that delivery times may take up to three weeks.


  1. 15 days delivery time is considered normal..


  1. Goods to be delivered paid by cheque will need to wait for a 7 day bank clearance before being dispatched.


  1. Special Offers made in the USA, or other countries are not valid from TherabreathSA We have our own special offers from time to time.


  1. TheraBreath is sent in envelopes and we will not be held responsible for postal damages in any form.


  1. The envelopes are sent by recorded delivery and the onus is on the purchaser to trace the package at all times. Proof of dispatch will rest with the Speed Services Couriers number and a signed for receipt received from Speed Services Couriers or any postal authority in the country of posting  or a signed for collection slip from purchasers collection agent.


  1. As the products are oral cosmetic products opened products will not be accepted as returns. No refunds will be granted for open products returned.


  1. Products will not be accepted as returns unless a return authorization number has been quoted. Returns received without a return authorization number will not be accepted as a return and credits will not be provided in these cases. No automatic return policy is in place. We stress the need for authorization numbers. Returns will only be considered within 7 days of receipt of goods.


  1. Damaged goods in the process of manufacture will be replaced free of charge.


  1. We have the right to replace ordered product with alternative better products in order to complete orders on time.


  1. Ownership passes only on full and confirmed payment for the goods otherwise they are the property of  TherabreathSA.


  1. The conditions are subject to change without notice


  1. Fraudulent cheques will be reported to the police immediately.


  1. Goods not collected and resent will be charged for.


  1. All prices quoted do not include  delivery costs.


  1. Special Promotions & Special Offers are limited to one per existing or new client / user.


  1. We accept no responsibility for lost or missing parcels as a result of mail or Speed Services Couriers.